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Ditch Slap 2017!

The 11th Annual Ditch Slap will be held May 9-12, 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is unlike any other event on the Planet! Skaters get to explore some of ABQ`s most famous ditches and session spots and navigate up to 60 miles of shuttled ditch skating. You`ll be rewarded with noodle legs, sun burn and ditch rash as likely side effects. "Quiver Counts" so bring some board options for multiple terrains or be prepared to sit and watch.

This event has grown into quite the gathering of young guns, old timers, pros and bros testing their endurance and skills in a wide variety of terrain.

2 Days of Racing Followed by 2 Days of Shuttled Free Riding!

Bank Slalom: We use a Brower wireless timing system to accurately clock your fastest time and determine placings down to 20th place. Banked Slalom racing in ABQ is always fast and challenging. Cash Purse!

Chinese Ditch Race: This unique race has been held in a few different ditches of varying lengths since 2007. Expect unpredictable terrain, unforgiving competitors and unruly spectators. This race is held for bragging rights only!

Shuttles on the 11th-12th are provided for Registered Riders only. A shuttle pass will allow you to get on any Shuttle, into any Game, Session, Food Line, Video Party, Troll Bridge or Safety Meeting. Riders may leave personal items like extra boards and backpacks on the shuttles if they want to. This event has a cap of 70 riders and sells out every year! Riders will be assigned numbers that correspond to the order in which they signed up, and will be rewarded with sponsorship swag and goodies proportionately. You snooze, you lose.

Priority Registration opens January 16th. After registering you will be e-mailed detailed information with lodging info, schedule of events and where to check in for your riders packet and shuttle pass. Paying your entry fee is the only way to confirm your slot in any event.

2 Days of Racing Followed by 2 Days of Shuttles!

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